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Category: Team Mayhem

  • In Praise of Fountain

    I’m getting back to screenwriting. It’s mostly short film or small fun sketches I’ve been meaning to do more of, but I’m no longer writing screenplays in any of the traditional applications. When one considers the places you would usually see the screenwriter work in, one would probably name Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter or […]

  • Imaginary solutions to Imaginary problems

    I’ve been working heavily on writing a new series as of late, a revamped concept on a script I had thought up of while I was still in high school, carefully writing out the characters, rethinking major plot points, and trying to find some sort of reasoning behind the motivations for each and every one […]

  • Keeping…

    Keeping myself busy. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been working on my portfolio, realizing I don’t have enough pieces for it, so it’s simply pre-production galore. Trying to secure locations, gather a list of possible actors, figuring out possible shooting dates, the list goes on and on. After New Years, my life has finally […]

  • Artist’s Block

    Writer’s block is common for many artists- i know of plenty of webcomic artists that struggled to get work done only to feel that their art or their current output is less than satisfactory. To simply call it writer’s block is rather unfair- I rather like to refer to it as artist’s block. Any artist […]

  • Updated, at last…

    So I haven’t really posted on here. I can’t really explain why, as i’ve probably had plenty of times the last couple of weeks to do so, but i didn’t. Perhaps it was just my state of mind, being worried about one thing or another, but now, my schedule has cleaned up- i had a […]

  • i talk. and talk. and talk.

    Well, i’m in the midst of school and work, so its oddly busy for me to be working right now. Daylight savings time came, and went rather… slowly. i didn’t realize until i woke up this morning. i woke up this morning to find my cell phone an hour ahead of everything else. disoriented me […]

  • Workin’ hard, i think…

    So its been a big push for me to try to find a job so I can start driving. 20 applications, only one call back. Might be going in Monday for the interview. So yeah, hoping for a job so i can get out of the house more often. I am working on new reviews, […]