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Updated, at last…

So I haven’t really posted on here. I can’t really explain why, as i’ve probably had plenty of times the last couple of weeks to do so, but i didn’t. Perhaps it was just my state of mind, being worried about one thing or another, but now, my schedule has cleaned up- i had a rash of tests the past week, and a couple more coming up this week that for once, i feel prepared for. New things have happened, actually… My friend Primo and I (along with two other friends) went on a photography excursion into downtown LA. We traveled out into the area of Fairfax/Hollywood, checking out the graffitti in the area. Most of it was done by the extremely talented CBS crew (google image the words “CBS Graffiti” to check out their work.), and it just had me thinking. Talking to Primo about it, there was an appreciation for this type of art in the neighborhood, something i had originally considered to be a nuisance. Now, I just sat in awe at some of this work, some of it so wonderfully blended, a mix of colors that made a blank wall just… so amazing. But anyways, back on subject. We were walking down an alley to find a photoshoot. Primo, being the usual loudmouth, started talking to the people on the photoshoot. “What are you guys shooting for?” He asked, pushing his chest out to show that damn camera that he won’t let me touch (too expensive). “deviantArt, an art website.” One of the people near some boxes said. I basically froze, and Primo grinned. We both have dA accounts (Primo’s and my own). We started talking freely to some of the people there, admitting that we both had accounts. One of the ladies there introduced herself as Heidi, and asked for our accounts. We both wrote it down for her, and gave it to her. Day later, we both are now subscribed to deviantArt’s pro accounts for four months. Pushed me enough to get new crap on my page. It’s sweet. Thanks again, dA people! On some other fronts, I’m finally shopping for a video camera of my own. I’ve always had to borrow a camera of my own, and it proved to be a bother for a while. Finally, I decided a while ago I’ll probably be getting one of my own, at least a very good one with 24p support. Doing my research, I think i might even just go completely HD on that side, go 1080p. Any further than that, and I’ll probably won’t be able to edit anything (2k/4k range is probably not even possible with a pro-sumer camera). So, probably a Canon HD camera. Going to do more research on that. Websites… I’m going to make a somewhat intersesting announcements on my future website plans. Not just yet, as i have to get some of the sites fixed up soon. I’ll make the announcements once the time comes for them.

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  1. The problem is that the Canon 24p is wrapped in a 1080 3:2 pulldown, so nothing I’ve found so far will put it ‘back’ to 24 1080p, I haven’t checked iLife 2008 or final cut pro to see if it will do it, but it -DOES- have the 24fps effect though.

    If you want to wait for a little while longer, grab a AVC 1080p enabled camera, right now only Canon offers them, when they start using only SD-cards, or allow writing to SD cards in addition to the hard drive or something. When SD cards become 5$ for 32GB, kiss tapes goodbye. Right now, a properly compressed SD signal is 0.5GB/hr, HD by extension should be 2GB/hr. Since you can buy 2 and 4GB cards for around 30$, they are still pricey, but I’d rather use SD cards than a hard drive due to the power weight and size ratios.

  2. Yeah, that’s true, but I only thought that the AVC codecs were for the lower, consumer level cameras. If i really wanted to go into a hard drive system, I’d HDMI-connect the camera to a computer with a RAID-0 config. If i remember correctly, i do think final cut can bring it back to 1080p.

    The big camera i’m looking at though is the Canon XH A1, but that thing doesn’t do full 1080p resolution, so i might keep looking. I just keep hearing that the majority of the good lenses are compatible with Canon, and if i wanted to rent/buy any additional equipment with the camera, the Canons are the way to go.