dj orta

Workin’ hard, i think…

So its been a big push for me to try to find a job so I can start driving. 20 applications, only one call back. Might be going in Monday for the interview. So yeah, hoping for a job so i can get out of the house more often. I am working on new reviews, but I’ve been working on them a little bit at a time. Expect a cluster of them right before Comic Con. Speaking of Comic con, there’s a great possibility on receiving a press pass. I sent in the request in early June, and just now, I started getting press releases for the various events going on at the convention. Hell, as it turns out, NBC has a show coming out called “Heroes” that actually interests me. Other than Law and Order. If I get the press pass, it’ll be a green light all the way through, and I’ll be down there for a couple of days, thanks to a webcomic artist friend (Laemkral, from the very amusing comic “I’m Always Right.” Yeah, when the time comes for me to return to CG reviewing, he’s at the top of the list, after Sincerely from “Oops, Nevermind”, because she nags me all the damn time about it.) and there’s a couple of people I want to meet (Liz from Stuff Sucks.) and stuff I want to get (Stuff Sucks T-Shirt). So yeah, hoping for the best there. I just don’t want to start a job and have it get in the complete way of things. I could always tell them that my family reunion is over the weekend… With my free time, though, I’ve been working on writing. The pseudo machinima film, Purgatory, is getting a re-write after letting R.L. Peterson of the always awesome “Go For It!” (he needs to return to writing that comic. It rawks so fucking hard) tear it apart. He pointed out some problems with the relationships in the main characters, as well as the piss poor pacing. He suggested just separating the script into episodes, but hell, I don’t want to have two short film series on my hands, so I’m re-writing certain parts in order for them to flow much smoother. Plus, I have an idea with some of the characters and a couple new scenes. Team Mayhem is due to have another film up soon. Real fucking soon, which I’m happy about. We have only three short films, but hell, some music videos are coming soon, and talking to Taylor, it seems he has more coming with his band, Think Alike. He offered to me to make music videos for the band, which somehow got me to writing all these ideas for music videos. Unfortunately, I think I have to listen to the songs and meet the band before it goes any further. So yeah, here’s for me hoping that this summer will turn out better than last year.