dj orta

i talk. and talk. and talk.

Well, i’m in the midst of school and work, so its oddly busy for me to be working right now. Daylight savings time came, and went rather… slowly. i didn’t realize until i woke up this morning. i woke up this morning to find my cell phone an hour ahead of everything else. disoriented me for a little bit, but other than that, i think its been allright. The weekend was dedicated to studying and to working on the Team Mayhem Productions site. One of my biggest problems as of late is the use of my nickname, Teammayhem. People all know me as Teammayhem in the webcomics world, and it ain’t all that fair to where i got the name, Team Mayhem Productions. There’s two other people with me on that front, and to be only known as THE teammayhem is a bit selfish on my part. So i guess with the launch of the Webcomics Report, I’ll be going by a different name. No clue as to what yet, but i want to sorta…. display a new image for myself. Teammayhem is the snot nosed kid who started writing two paragraph reviews back when he was sixteen, and i want to evolve from that point to something much more. So I guess i’ll start shopping around ideas in my head to what to do exactly for this issue. I want to create a new image for those who know me, and to create an image that can be easily approachable by those who don’t. So yeah, I’ll work on this. On the subject of Team Mayhem, its working oddly… well. No really, projects are moving and maturing much faster to what they originally were supposed to do. Zombie was always being held up as I’ve had multiple people drop out and move away from the project, a crushing blow to my own resolve to the project. But its odd- Taylor and Primo (the two other members in Team Mayhem) have become my own resolve. I get calls from Primo on random ideas he gets for the project, and he’s writing an episode of it all by himself. Taylor’s promised to see this project through to the end, so we’re pooling our resources and making this series. Writing… is coming along to me much faster now. I’ve looked through a review that took me close to two months to finish and i was able to rewrite most of it within a week. I can’t explain it, but it feels like i’ve just been powered up, feeling a lot better about myself. It really does help to get my work done and be able to multitask much more efficiently than ever before. I’m still working with the Cornstalkers, even as a coder. Supposedly, i’m still referred to as the Code Monkey, but i really don’t have much say to what to do in the project. I have no comic of my own to represent in the fray, so I’m sticking to what i can do best for them- Coding. I’m working on two versions of their site that i was hoping to get done by the UK Webcomix thing, but that ain’t happening anytime soon. But this and other projects i hope can help push the collective into a different fashion then would be a regular comic collective. I guess it’s just to push around and see what i can get done. oh, and i have an absurd amount of projects for myself- 1 music CD, 3 short films, 1 storyboard, 1 animation pilot, and 4 scripts. wooo. Oh, and I’ll be doing something special from now on- I’ll be listing the webcomics I’m reading. Webcomic Readings: nine lives Lightbringer (to be reviewed)