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I’m sitting in the computer lab of my college, eager (ha) to start my first week of classes. Most of my friends have all but returned to their respective colleges, and i was probably one of the last to start. I’ve been in a flurry, just continuing the classes i need for my general education courses needed to transfer to other schools. I’ve also started to organize myself a bit better now. I’ve realized that my current system of organziation is woefully lax, and as such, have begun to use my palm pilot a bit more now, as before, i used it as a method to play old school SNES and Genesis games on it (wonderful little emulator called LittleJohn, i think), but with the coming of my mac, i’ve started to sync it more often and keep at least a reasonable schedule on it. I’ve also found myself rather happy with the way i’ve been managing my time and my efforts in the variety of projects i have strewn about. iSync does a wonderful job of connecting itself with the Palm HotSync manager on the Mac, and i can be able to keep my address book now on my mac, my palm pilot, and my cell phone, to boot. Simplicity at its best. Two sites that i’ve found that have helped me along the way is Lifehacker, an amazing blog with little tricks to help manage your time and your basic way of life, and Plaxo, a retarded sounding networking site. Both have their ups and downs that are remarkable to me and have helped me try to get stuff organized for now. I’ll be using Plaxo to sync my calendar with google calendars so i can have that running about as i’m on the go. I’ve been considering getting my own personal site with its own domain name just in case i need to get some… hub site of sorts together.

‘s own hub site is an excellent example of one for comics, but i want one that would combine my personal and professional work in one simple site. I was thinking about making it as a WordPress site, but i don’t want to abandon LJ. I guess I’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of everything I have so far and see if having my own separate blog would be a good idea. I was thinking of creating a unified RSS feed for everything i have so far, using Yahoo’s excellent

Yahoo Pipes, which was used to create the unified Cornstalker Collective feed back in the day. What’s coming out of this, you ask? i have no idea. First off is to learn the new template systems for Joomla 1.5 and for the PHPBB3 forums. From what small glimpses i’ve had so far, it looks like the stuff is relatively easy to use and whatnot, so we’ll have to wait and see on how everything goes.

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  1. why not make separate minisites, as that way your amature stuff doesn’t get in the way of the professional stuff. I know that I don’t want employers seeing decypher or my old music, and judge my skills on that. ^_^

  2. possibly, yes, but honestly, i wouldn’t mind having everything in one place, as with little effort you have to do with searching today, i wouldn’t be surprised on how easy it would be to find the other sites. most of my amateur stuff is already gone, and the main site would have mostly my professional stuff anyways, and links to my other sites that may have my more, unprofessional stuff.