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  • CMS Hunting

    Oh how I love CMS (or for the layman- Content Management Systems) hunting. Back in the day- you only had a few CMS systems to choose from. Early attempts at making a site a few years ago had me going absolutely crazy for the Mambo CMS engine. Soon after, Joomla was my pick for a […]

  • dj orta dot com.

    I’ve been holding off on launching my own personal website for a few years now. And when I mean launch, actually launch and use the fricking thing. I had installed WordPress on it a millennia ago, importing everything over from my livejournal upon it. I started double posting things on both livejournal and WordPress at […]

  • New Website Launch: Primo Catalano Photography

    I’ve been out of designing and coding sites for some time now, but I just recently got back into it, thanks to my friend Primo. He needed a site to show off his work, so I made him one. It’s all mostly done in JavaScript, using the wonderful gallery system from One Mighty Roar named […]

  • schoools out, for the wiintterrrrr

    Thank god, school’s done. Well, until February, that is. I’m currently relaxing at a freind’s house, letting him and his brother sate their addiction to various shooters and fighting games on my PS3, which I had left at their house in order for me to concentrate on my studies and finals . I swear, Rainbow […]

  • CMSSSSSSssss

    With the weekend has come a whole messload of things to do. For one, I did get a lot of the code i had intended to get through- the Cornstalker’s new forums theme has been mastered into its own original copy, and I’ve been starting the import from the old CSS files from the front […]

  • organizing.

    I’m sitting in the computer lab of my college, eager (ha) to start my first week of classes. Most of my friends have all but returned to their respective colleges, and i was probably one of the last to start. I’ve been in a flurry, just continuing the classes i need for my general education […]

  • so the big massive update.

    So yeah, i promised myself i would write this entry for the past two weeks now, but i keep forgetting to do so over the amount of work i have piled up on me. I haven’t written in this since december of last year, so i have some shit to talk about… Well, for one, […]