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  • Fruits of Kickstarter

    I had a small spark of Kickstarter addiction last year. I’ve been able to temper that addiction a bit with the new year, but at least I get to enjoy the first fruits of that limited shopping spree. On the very same day, I received two packages, each one containing a webcomics kickstarter reward. I […]

  • Support The Widdershins!

    Support an amazing artist. Kate Ashwin (aka, Komiyan) is an old friend from my times back in the webcomic days (I say that as if it’s a lifetime ago, but in the world of the internet, it really was). She’s a sweetheart with an amazing talent for whimsical fantasy stories that just draw you in. […]

  • Webcomic Appearances

    I failed to mention an appearance I had in a webomic recently! An old friend of mine, Robin Meyer put me in her web comic, Real Life Fiction. This used to be a regular thing for me- I appeared in a variety of friend’s webcomics in all sorts and forms. I suppose when I get […]

  • To which he muses tech crap

    In the end, the Cornstalker forums are completely done. The upgrade itself was relatively short in comparisoin to the preparation and cleanup of the forums. I attempted to prepare myself for this upgrade, but in the end, as well prepared I was, the problems I encounctered were server specific. My original plan was to access […]

  • organizing.

    I’m sitting in the computer lab of my college, eager (ha) to start my first week of classes. Most of my friends have all but returned to their respective colleges, and i was probably one of the last to start. I’ve been in a flurry, just continuing the classes i need for my general education […]

  • evil, evil forum bots

    So I made a test forums in order to test the modified code that i did for the Cornstalker Collective Site (it works wonderfully now, thankfully!), but it wasn’t soon enough before… the bots invaded the test forums. This picture is sliiightly old. by maybe a week or so. The good news… new users need […]

  • Cornstalker site

    Will be arriving on october 9th. i’m in the midst of optimization for now.

  • status report!

    Webcomics Report site is almost done. I ran it through some tests and its working beautifully. Continuing with a blue motif. All I need to do now is finish the review template and ACTUALLY FINISH A REVIEW. (shock and awe commence). Friday or Monday are my deadlines. Next week, Team Mayhem Productions. EDIT: Here’s a […]

  • Stuff Sucks iPod skin!

    Yeah, I got the stuff sucks () ipod skin. It fucking rocks. Thank you so much, liz! it rocks! 😀

  • dribble dribble drop drop…

    So yeah, school, whoo. Its been two weeks now, going into my third week, and I’m getting into the swing of things. Classes are pretty good, I’m taking my General Education (GE’s) right now, but I’m hoping to get enough of them out of the way so that I’m able to take some more fun […]