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Script Frenzy 2012 Update #1

I’ve taken a break from writing to see how many pages I’d written this week so far for Script Frenzy. So far it seems a pretty 41 pages.

danielorta | Script Frenzy Update #1

I’m actually really impressed I didn’t think I was able to write so much in the course of the week, even with taking two days off from doing it. Regularly, I planned to write only 4 pages a day, but averaging 6 is completely unexpected for me. I’m almost to the halfway point already. It helps that I’m working on multiple scripts- if I get stuck on one, I quickly move on to another.

Celtx has also been my savior through this. The syncing service has been a lifesaver while moving scripts between my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I’m now aiming to go to 120 pages by the end of April. Back to writing, I guess.