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  • My end of 2022

    spent some time offline for the last few months. Or at least much time as you can offline nowadays, kept my head focused on my job. The situation there seemed to be in a state of flux and I wanted to do what I could to salvage it.

  • Updating and cleaning up

    It’s been a while since I really took a good look at this website, and it shows. I’ve been so focused on the current job that a lot of the creative focus I had for this site went by the wayside, along with my creative drive as a whole. I’m right now in the process […]

  • Wasteland Weekend 2018 Photos

    Here are the photos I took at Wasteland Weekend 2018. It took a while for me to get these published- my main computer died last year, and recovering these photos became the hardest part of the recovery process. On top of all that, these photos were meant to be part of my test run with […]

  • The return of this blog

    2019 has been an odd time for me so far. I planned to bring this website back in tandem with projects and content I had been working on, but life has a way to throw such plans sideways (and then some). My previous employer closed suddenly last February as the owner of the nonprofit passed […]

  • Thermal Selfie

    I haven’t written much in a while. Life gets the best of me, and work has been such a giant part of my life that I neglect to write. Or do anything but work related stuff. I hate that. I need to change that. I’m working on some more longform stuff, but before I go, […]

  • Got to see Conan

    I got to see Conan. I haven’t been to a live taping a show for a long time now. I wrack my mind right now trying to come up with great examples of where I’ve been at, but the last place I remember is seeing American Gladiator at the tail end of the show’s lifespan […]

  • Taylor’s view

    Took this one using the panorama view on my iPhone 4S. Probably the best one I’ve taken yet. Done on one of my monthly visits with Taylor.    

  • Retail on the Holidays

    Day five out of six in a row. Last night, I got off of my work at 11. Today, I reported for duty at 7 am. I had a total of eight hours to drive my coworkers home (I do so for some so they don’t have to ride the bus so late at night), […]

  • Support The Widdershins!

    Support an amazing artist. Kate Ashwin (aka, Komiyan) is an old friend from my times back in the webcomic days (I say that as if it’s a lifetime ago, but in the world of the internet, it really was). She’s a sweetheart with an amazing talent for whimsical fantasy stories that just draw you in. […]

  • My sister and Rachael Ray

    My sister and I have… a less than optimistic viewpoint on the famous cook, Rachel Ray. It’s not that we hate her- it’s more like… we strongly dislike her. Her fake optimism, the whole empire she built as a cheap Martha Stewart- okay, that’s beside the point, but either way… Imagine our surprise to discover […]