dj orta

so the big massive update.

So yeah, i promised myself i would write this entry for the past two weeks now, but i keep forgetting to do so over the amount of work i have piled up on me. I haven’t written in this since december of last year, so i have some shit to talk about… Well, for one, I am currently working on multiple websites. Six, to be exact, and that number is to grow by two or three soon. I’m hoping that I can improve my skills with CSS and conclusively working on design at the same time may help my portfolio, and the planned launch of my own personal site come next month. I’ve been trying to play around with other colors in my scheme, as i’ve found that i’m wayyy too fond of black background sites. The Team Mayhem site, coincidentally, will still be all black, baby. The Joomla 1.5 code finally got out of beta and release canidate status, so it’s all good, baby. I don’t know why i keep saying baby, BUT I AM. I now have a TV in my room, which i have my PS3, DC, and Wii hooked up to, but it distracts me, so i had to leave the PS3 out over at my friend’s house so i wouldn’t be tempted to play it. My bouts of playing Pain as well as Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Remix (i blame soap committee for that. crazy white girl…) have slowly turned into addictions i had to get away from if i can actually try and get some work done around here. I’ve also attempted to keep a microsoft free working enviroment- working on mac already is a no brainer, but i’ve been keeping up on the open source community. no MSN messanger, no word, nothing of the sort. i’ll probably write a bit more on that later. oh, and new icon. its an old picture my friend primo did. i’m still as fugly as ever.