dj orta

Back from Anime Expo

So yeah, I went to the Anime Expo on Monday. It was pretty damn fun. Saw Man Faye doing some small cosplay stuff, and the usual freaks, geeks, and so on and so forth. Too bad there wasn’t a webcomics panel this year. Hell, if no one does it next year, I’ll probably volunteer to put something together, at least. Be fun to host a panel of some sort. As such, I got some good shit this year. That’s a FLCL T-Shirt Mercury_Hat showed me a loooooong time ago, and I finally saw it at the expo and decided to get it. I like it, its a comfortable t-shirt to wear. That wooden sword thingie I got for free. A guy didn’t want it, and hell, I got it. Free shwag, hell fuck yes. And yes, that’s Kon from Bleach. Awesome plushie. There’s a collection of them I’m tempted to collect. Alpha Shade, Chapter one. Autographed by Joseph Brudios, the artist. Had a five minute conversation with him, complimented him on the amazing art, and he’s going to show up at comic con as well. Now I really want to go to Comic Con. But that’s only if I can get my press pass. woooo.