Current Webcomic faves

Yeah, I love to read webcomics. But every so often, there are comics that I just adore. Some do become a flavor of the week to me, but there are those comics that I find myself recommending. So I compiled a short list of comics that I’m enjoying right now.

  • Questionable Contentqcjeph‘s indie rock drama/comedy still rawks my socks. Call me a sucker, but the writing is superb and he’s getting better and better with his art. I want a pintsize t-shirt, dammit.
  • Darken – I don’t like to place favorites on only certain genres, so I like to have my tastes to be spread out across like jelly. And to tell the truth, Darken really does fit a great anti-hero tale set in a fantasy world. And honestly, I can’t find any other place that I can enjoy.
  • NetherOak – GODDAMN. I keep recommending this comic to all those that ask me, but nobody seems to catch on to how much I love this comic. Seriously, reddeadrazi‘s anime-inspired story about asian gangs in Toronto and a new drug really does evolve in terms of art, and the slow transformation is AWESOME. It’s right now at the ending, and I find myself checking the site every day in order to see another page of the action packed finale (the comic is part of the Hot Bullet Press comics collective, which is an awesome collection of action packed comics.). Read it. I’ll probably say it multiple times here, but READ IT.
  • Renaissance Ogre – It’s only five pages. I know. But I’m a huge Elf Only Inn fan, and seeing Sortelli at it again with a webcomic makes me a happy little fan. The comic is only available on his livejournal, so go and read it now. There aren’t many pages anyways, so there isn’t any reason why you should ignore the comic. Plus, it has an Aussie ogre. And he’s an accountant. What can’t you love about that combo?
  • Gloomy Nancy – Found this through Razi Oak (reddeadrazi), and I can’t help but read the comic for the Canadian humor and snappy dialouge that occurs. Plus, the line “Holy Crap! You were a little asian princess!” totally won me.

Another Cameo

So yeah, I keep getting cameos in the ComicGenesis community. But for this time, it comes from a man that can be considered to be my first fan when it comes to my webcomic reviews. tdotodot2k gave me a cameo in his comic Elvenbaath as a elf getting his ass shanked (look on the second panel down). Lovely, really. I keep getting cameos where I simply get killed off and have no chance to have a re-occuring role? What am I to you, people, a red shirt? Jeez.

I keed, I keed. I love the cameos.

Two Cameos!


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Man, I almost forgot about this, actually. I got two cameos in some of my friend’s comics. Yeah, I love to see myself in different comics, and these two are GREAT. I’m a sucker for cameos, what can i say? Cortland gave me a cameo based on the whole ComicGenesis flamewar stuff. He asked me about doing this one before hand, and I still cracked up to see Kon (which people recognize me as on the ComicGenesis forums) with my hair. Another one is from ryclaude and his comic, Reckless Youth. Claude put me in as a goth zombie that gets clocked by a floorbuffer. Its a small one, but i still love it.

I need to make a list of all the places I’ve appeared in, its crazy how many times I’ve appeared as either myself or as Kon.

Life marching on

So yeah, its been a while for me to get recovered from the ComicGenesis fiasco. And as a result, I haven’t done any reviews as of late. There’s a Loserz review I did, but hey, that hasn’t been touched. I need to fix it, for one. It’s so damn shitty I want to just start over, but that’s going to take me a while. I just don’t have the energy of it, and it’s pissing me off. CG used to be a big leg of support and hits for me, and now that I’m not touching that community, I have to tap others. And I really don’t have the time to become a part of other big communties- I think I have a keenspot forum account, and I might have an site. So yeah, its going partly to become a rush to befriend artists rather than the audience, because there’s an established audience already at those comics that would read my review for their comic, then browse through all of my reviews. My poor Palm Pilot, Scar-San (the name came from Fullmetal Alchemist after a suggestion from the artist of Gunmetal Annie, Mercury Hat) the suggestion of , is going to shit. It’s an old Handspring Visor Platinum which now has connection troubles to the computer due to the connection plates on the bottom wearing off. I might get another one and scrap it. I’ve opened Scar-san before, and its easy to replace individual parts (ie, the screen or the 93 Mhz chip with its motherboard.) I’ve gotten a job. It’s a small job, but something to pay for car insurance. I’m working in a small snack shop at a nearby baseball field. Sweet job, I get free food! Purgatory is still being worked on- I was working on my model, but realized I need to take off my glasses. The glasses in the Sims 2 is rather lacking, and that sucks.

The weekend brings a flamewar

Hmm, what a weekend. I had stayed home sick Friday, so I decided to finish the review for Triquetra Cats, so I posted the news about the review on the comic genesis forums, as I usually do with the CG comics. I was surprised to see how fast the artist responded to it. Unlike other threads on bad reviews, I responded to the thread in a positive manner, attempting to respond to her criticism of the review. I never do this on a regular basis, because I found no point to responding it in the first place. On Saturday, I left for Primo’s house, where I spent most of the day playing Resident Evil 4. I checked the forums once again, seeing the initial response of some of the other webcomic artists on comicgenesis. It wasn’t until a popular forum member brought up the point that I review only bad webcomics, and that my reviews were biased towards ComicGenesis comics. It was the second time such a topic had been raised, and this time, it was more of a personal attack on my reviewing, or as he put it, a critique. It was harsh, but made some honest assessments that I’d like to address. He made a valid point that I am in favor of ComicGenesis webcomics, as I am closely tied with its community and I am friends with much of them. I admit, I am friends with these people. I go on the ComicGenesis IRC chat rather frequently, and they are the ones I turn to for support in my webcomic reviews. I feared that my attachment to the webcomic community may be attacked at one point or another, so I decided to play fair with the reviews they asked of me. For the Green Avenger review, I don’t really know Ryuko, the artist. We’ve spoken once or twice, and probably gone into a discussion once or twice on IRC. Those I do consider to be friends, I’ve already reviewed (like Pimpette or Legostar), but with other people I have yet to review (rkolter and his comic, Reasoned Cognition) I’ve taken my time to make the review a fair one. (The Reasoned Cognition review was written a good while ago, but I’ve held off on releasing it until I had ample time to re-read the archives a couple of times before I’m sure its fair.). And I try to be fair to the best of my extent. I’ve reviewed some of the more popular comics on ComicGenesis and given those poor reviews (Digital War, Star Bored, Burgandy Comics INC) even though the people on the forums are popular and contribute much to the community. I don’t care. I try to separate the person and the comic before I actually review. I admit. I have no damn credentials. I don’t write for anything big like the New York Times. At the same time, there are no credentials to be a webcomic artist. I hoped I could gain credentials not with where I write my reviews, but instead, in the eyes of those who read my reviews and try to enjoy them. I am as objective as possible when it comes to my review. Each facet of the comic – characters, story, pacing, art, premise, and writing- are all examined. I try to categorize the comic at first so that readers of my reviews can see if the comic in such a category. I admit, I don’t take much into giving suggestions on the corrections, and I’m slowly trying to change that. I did mention in the review of Triquetra cats to switch off the screentones, and I really have to give more suggestions in the future if I want my reviews to appeal to both the audiences and the artists alike. Roger Ebert doesn’t say what can be done better about the review. Hell, I read his reviews. The man doesn’t suggest different things to do with the reviews. Here’s his latest review on 16 Blocks. As you can read it, half of the review is a recap on the film and some of the major plot points and characters. It isn’t until the end of the review that he reflects on the film and its strong points. Nothing to it. Thinking back on it all, I’m probably not going to review any ComicGenesis comics in the near future, to avoid any more of this bullshit. The junkRIOT review was going to go up this Monday, but I held it off in lieu of this recent flamewar. Resident Evil 4 scared the shit out of me. I swear, I’m not going near chainsaws anytime soon. Damn villagers. and damn parasites.