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  • Wasteland Weekend 2018 Photos

    Here are the photos I took at Wasteland Weekend 2018. It took a while for me to get these published- my main computer died last year, and recovering these photos became the hardest part of the recovery process. On top of all that, these photos were meant to be part of my test run with […]

  • Late Night Chinatown

    “Hey, are you busy tonight?”. Those are the words I got from Primo. No warning, just a question. It was already close to about 9 o’clock at night on a weekday when he called me with that query. However, I knew exactly what it meant. Having Primo calling you for no reason late at night […]

  • Hipstamatic

    So no real news. But I’m oddly fond of this picture. Took it using Hipstamatic app for my iPhone. The little nuggets of images I turn up just with the iPhone’s pretty fantastic lens (as long as it gets good light) has been quite fun. The variety of apps for the camera alone has been […]