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  • Revisiting the Library

    I went back to my old job a week or so ago. I was once a proud librarian/librarymans, working basically weekends at this job that offered me my first real experience at a position I sought myself (I was promoted from page to library clerk during my stay there). It was the first time I […]

  • Working at the Library

    For the past two and a half years, I have been what I affectionally refer to as a “libraryman”, or better yet, a man who works at a library (the name stems from a Penny Arcade comic which i became rather fond of once I got the job). Okay, so I didn’t have a library […]

  • The Uncharted 2 Nametag

    My current job, working as a library clerk, requires me to have a nametag on at all times. I try to keep it on, but I was having difficulty trying to figure out a way to customize it. After going to one of the theater-demos for Uncharted 2, I finally found a way. Now, I […]

  • Working at a Library

    Sometimes, it drives me insane- the crowds, the complaints, the sheer amount of work- but through it all, I love working at a library. Take today, for example. A mother and her son walked into the library today, making a beeline for the video section. I took no notice when they first walked in, until […]

  • Free Fifth Element!

    Free Fifth Element! Originally uploaded by djmayhem So yeah, my big catch of the week- I was able to pick up this copy of the Fifth Element from my work due to the fact that the staff at the library were tired to take care of so many people kept checking it out not knowing […]

  • Book of ze week

    In between doing finals, random work on my sites and my actual job, I’ve been attempting a new little exercise for myself- read a new book every week. The book can be of any genre, it just has to be a book that can get me reading and relaxing for a bit. It helps to […]