dj orta dot com.

I’ve been holding off on launching my own personal website for a few years now.

And when I mean launch, actually launch and use the fricking thing. I had installed WordPress on it a millennia ago, importing everything over from my livejournal upon it. I started double posting things on both livejournal and WordPress at the same time, actually, using MarsEdit as an intermediary (I seriously can’t say enough good things about that app- buy it if you do any sort of blogging on more than one site. Hell, when I posted on insulinfunk years and years ago, I would keep all my drafts on MarsEdit before I published them on the site proper) before I gave up on Livejournal a few years ago. Since then, I’ve been posting things to my original URL ( from time to time, when my mind actually remembered to post things to it.

The biggest problem I’ve been facing is my own satisfation. I’ve been trying to get something off the ground, something I can be proud of. And I’ve tried- time and time again. I’ve tried multiple ideas and designs, and honestly, I’m sick and tired of the whole process. I finally have a simple, clean design I’m satisfied with.

So in short- I’m relaunching my website, now here, at DJ Orta dot com. It’ll have a small version of my portfolio work (done so far) along with some other goodies.

New Website Launch: Primo Catalano Photography

I’ve been out of designing and coding sites for some time now, but I just recently got back into it, thanks to my friend Primo. He needed a site to show off his work, so I made him one. It’s all mostly done in JavaScript, using the wonderful gallery system from One Mighty Roar named Supersized. I had to make a few changes, and well, more is to come. I have a laundry list of things I want to accomplish with this site, mostly seeing if i can get the hang of combining jquery elements without fucking up the downloads. Also, I want to have the images hosting on a separate site- perhaps some sort of CDN (content delivery network). I want the site to be at least up and running now, just so that local clients (who don’t have to wait long anyways, because the server is in Los Angeles) can take a look at his work. After that is done, I should have more regular pushes to the site done. It feels great to code for the first time in a long time, even though I’ve become utterly terrible at it. Drove me up the wall, but I might dedicate some time to hopefully learning more javascript.