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  • The Tron Fans

    After this talk of Tron Evolution has dominated film and nerd sites for the past couple of months, I thought it would be more than prudent to share a story of Tron fandom- well before the madness over Tron Evolution came around and the overall revival of the Tron franchise as it stands today. I […]

  • The Free Pass Actors

    In heated discussions with my friends, I’ve held up an odd belief about the actors to which I uphold can have something I call “The Free Pass Actors”. There are certain actors, in my belief, that they can do however many shitty movies they want- they have a free pass in my book. These actors […]

  • The Used iPod

    I’ve been the only person in my household with any sort of MP3 player, my classic ipod mini still serving me well on my drives out and about. With my mother receiving a gift of an unopened iPod video, the only person left in my household was my sister, who had resorted upon mix CDs […]

  • Free Fifth Element!

    Free Fifth Element! Originally uploaded by djmayhem So yeah, my big catch of the week- I was able to pick up this copy of the Fifth Element from my work due to the fact that the staff at the library were tired to take care of so many people kept checking it out not knowing […]

  • quick tidbits

    Got the strangest spam subject ever. “If your girl cannot be satisfied with your weewee, you have to turn it into a schlong!” … this is the first time i actually laughed at a piece of spam, outside of those annoying Nigerian prince bullshit that i get once in a blue moon. So yeah, I […]