dj orta

Website Rework

So instead of doing some small tweaks to improve the site, I’ve decided to clean things up, starting with a new look that’s a little easier to tweak. Hooray for more things to fix, but I figured this would be a good way for me to get to know the latest and greatest on WordPress as I get this personal site in a better place for me and my personal creative work. I’ve gotten the site to a pretty good place, but it will be sluggish for a bit as I can’t afford to upgrade the database server for it just yet. Once I’m able to get a new job, it’s on my to-do list.

All of the bullshit with other sites right now (I’m looking at you, twitter) made me realize the importance of maintaining my own profile online without the help of anyone else that may want to screw things up. Or block me from posting links. Seriously can’t get over that one, but it was good time as any as I’ve been looking for new work. In some good news, I’ve managed to get the Portfolio side of things up and running- the pages for my Graphic Design, Photography and Website Design have all been updated. I’ll be adding more work later.

I also have a few posts I’m writing. Feels good to be able to start writing for myself again.