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Wasteland Weekend 2018 Photos

Here are the photos I took at Wasteland Weekend 2018.

Wasteland Weekend 2018

It took a while for me to get these published- my main computer died last year, and recovering these photos became the hardest part of the recovery process. On top of all that, these photos were meant to be part of my test run with the newer Lightroom- that didn’t go so well. But I finally got it done, after a few hours of research and exporting of photos.

So go take a look at the complete set on Flickr, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites from the event.

Wasteland Weekend 2018: Wasteland Kratos

Wasteland Weekend 2018

Wasteland Weekend 2018: Jugger Warmups

Wasteland Weekend 2018: Juggers

Wasteland Weekend 2018: Juggers Square Off

Thank you to the Juggers for letting me tag along- hope I can do it again soon.