dj orta

The return of this blog

2019 has been an odd time for me so far. I planned to bring this website back in tandem with projects and content I had been working on, but life has a way to throw such plans sideways (and then some).

My previous employer closed suddenly last February as the owner of the nonprofit passed away. It’s one thing to be laid off, but mix in a pinch of shock and a heaping of grief and anger- you can begin to imagine what it’s been like so far. I’ve been told more than once by others how impressed they were to see me handling it all.

As I searched for a new job, I realized I needed to get this site up sooner than later. So as I’m searching for a new job/career path, I resurrected this dinky WordPress blog with a default theme. I wish I had the time to make some bespoke theme, but I did what I could to stylize it, and will probably keep tweaking it until I have the time to properly make something that’s mine.

I am working on a portfolio for this site, and I do have some content waiting for me to publish publicly. So expect to see more. When? Possibly after a few more interviews this week, maybe next week. Things are still tumultuous and I really don’t know where things are headed anymore, so leaving myself with nebulous goals is a safe bet for me.

To close it out, here’s a copy of my header image I threw onto my Flickr account- one of my favorite photos I’ve taken of Los Angeles about two-ish years ago on my iPhone 6.

Slice of LA

Managed to get that shot while out working my second job and it still manages to be one of my favorite photos I’ve ever done. Delivering alcohol in the greater Los Angeles area resulted in me meeting all sorts of characters and stories I keep thinking about transcribing one day. If I ever get the chance to, at least.