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Got to see Conan

I went to see Conan today. For those who see the show tonight: Biscuts!

I got to see Conan.

I haven’t been to a live taping a show for a long time now. I wrack my mind right now trying to come up with great examples of where I’ve been at, but the last place I remember is seeing American Gladiator at the tail end of the show’s lifespan (or I think I watched that show. My memory is fuzzy on that part, but for some odd reason, I remember seeing a show with a giant foam ball gun, so I assume it was that show)

You never see the behind the scenes of it all- and it was amazing to watch. Everyone had everything fucking down. The wait to get in line, to get to the studio, to be seated, to watch the show itself took absolutely forever. But once it started- it took basically the show’s length for it to be shot- save for a few camera repositions, it was 30 minutes in and out, musical guests, comedy sketches, everything.

But the remarkable thing was the joy on everyone’s faces. The look on Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band is of joy as members bound through the studio audience, pumping them up with songs. And one cannot forget Conan himself- who prowls around, talking to all the members of the crew as they prepare the next segment easily. He towers over everyone in height, yet he was just one of the guys, being friendly and overall incredibly kind.

It was a blast to watch- I’m definitely considering going again soon.

By the way, I was on episode #412, “The Very Understated Adventures of Captain Beige”. The best you could see of me was you see was a giant orange blob, where I melded with my friend together into the audience.

Me on Conan