dj orta

The Free Pass Actors

In heated discussions with my friends, I’ve held up an odd belief about the actors to which I uphold can have something I call “The Free Pass Actors”. There are certain actors, in my belief, that they can do however many shitty movies they want- they have a free pass in my book. These actors have done so many amazing roles in their lifetime that I don’t even question them, nor rail against them, for the amazing work they had done so far. Make all the crappy movies you want at this point- you’re a legend already, you already have set a basis for your legacy as an actor. Relax, take a load off and you’re good to go. You’re the very damn best. The actor that started it all was of course, the fantastic Ben Kingsley. The man has done almost anything you can think of. He was Ghandi- what is left to say? But quite the argument against the free pass could be said that for all those movies Kingsley has done in the past, he’s ruining his legacy by doing all these terrible movies today, putting to shame what he has done as an actor in Schindler’s List or anything along those lines- but he continues to put out amazing films. Just take a look at House of Sand and Fog as a prime example of Kingsley at his very best, even in a film only a couple of years old. He still has the ability to be in some amazing films (like Shutter Island) while being able to have some fun with blockbusters like the Prince of Persia movie. You know what Better example, however, one that trumps Ben Kingsley, is the ever brilliant Morgan Freeman. Seriously, stop reading this for a second, lean back in your chair, and try to think of a role he wasn’t brilliant in. Every movie he does seems better with him in it. From the head of an assassin leauge in Wanted to the chauffeur in Driving Ms. Daisy, Freeman is ALWAYS good in the film. (as a personal sidenote, I would want to have morgan freeman narrate a day in my life. I don’t know about you, but I’d be eternally happy if I heard Freeman’s voice say “Daniel woke up late in the morning, his oafish form sprawled out upon a bed that was too small for him…” every time I woke up). Upon further discussion other actors came to the forefront of our discussion. Other free pass actors may include: -Jack Nicholson -Gary Oldman -Alan Rickman -Sigourney Weaver More explanations aren’t needed for the rest. Seriously, stop and think how much each one of those actors could have carried each individual film they’re famous for. They can do all they want now for all I care. But nope- each one has done films that have created unique memories- Alan rickman has played terrorists (Die Hard), a wizard (Harry Potter film series) and even the voice of god (Dogma). He can do anything else he wants now for all we care. He’s Hans Gruber, after all.