The earthquake that hit only yesterday was a strange reminder of what is to come in the southern california area- my geography teacher spent every other class speaking on the “Big One” that is to come. His voice kept nagging me constantly after the earthquake, as did his jokes nobody laughed at. The earthquake struck as i was playing Army of One on the PS3 (a pretty fun game, not without its flaws). I had just… uh had some flatulence only seconds before, so the start of the earthquake felt as if it was another gaseous outtake. But as soon as it kept going, and parts of the house started to shake, I jumped up, running out of my room (in my bathrobe, no less) to meet my sister, who was rather scared of the earthquake, running over and diving under the table and ordering me under with her. She stayed there after the earthquake ended, prompting me to attempt to coax her out from under the table (her reasoning- “THERE MIGHT BE AFTERSHOCKS!”). My sibling later became even more distressed as the phone lines were jammed, her distressed cries wore on for hours until my mother was able to calm her down over the phone. Our family has already prepared something of an earthquake kit, but i think in the coming months, we’re going to be working on it a bit more. A rather popular comment going around the southern california was that this was one of the bigger earthquakes in quite some time, so the younger generation that hadn’t been able to go through larger earthquakes got a taste of what is to come. The big one is coming, yes, but it would be a good idea to be prepared for when that time comes. Personally, I’d take earthquakes over tornadoes. I was freaked out of earthquakes ever since Wizard of Oz, and those terrible homemade footage of the tornadoes has been a mainstay of FOX TV specials has only affirmed my fear of the natural disaster. Man, all this talk of natural disasters gives me the nagging urge to play SimCity 2000, build a city, and destroy it. With UFOs.

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