dj orta

To which he muses tech crap

In the end, the Cornstalker forums are completely done. The upgrade itself was relatively short in comparisoin to the preparation and cleanup of the forums. I attempted to prepare myself for this upgrade, but in the end, as well prepared I was, the problems I encounctered were server specific. My original plan was to access the Cornstlker server via ssh- only to find that there was no SSH support to begin with. FTP proved to be worthless- constant timeouts had me banging my head against the table. In the end, a slow http download that took hours was my only choice. I could have skipped the backup, but experience has strengthened m belief in the addage, “Better be safe than sorry”. The cleanup was simple- moving the old foruls to another folder and moving the new forums, creating a search index, so on and so forth were things I prepared for. What’s next? Well, there are new smilies installed on the forums as requested by the administrators. The PHPBBlog on the frontpage is now broken. If I have the time, I may go back and re-write some of the code so I can get working with the PHPBB3 forums. I doubt it, thought. I’ve been working on CS pro bono so far, as a favor. Aside from the last bits of finishing the forums and the removal of PHPBBlog, I do think my work with the Cornstalkers is done for now- any other work will require compensation of some sort. I’m trying to start a side buisness of website design- at some point, i have to stop taking pro bono work. I won’t rule out working with CS per se, but my responsibilites with CS ended when I was removed from my assistant editor position. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy and worship these guys and gals for their incredible work (and i still read all of their comics), but I have plans of my own at this point. Projeccts of my own are coming along now. I’ve been looking into grants for one of the projects, but this idea is so grandiose, I would rather get other projects off the ground before I focus on this one. All I have to say for this project would be a TV pilot for a documentary-esque show. I wish I could say more, but alas, my lips are sealed. I’m also taking a look at the Facebook API. While the whole thing is over-hyped (I am of the opinion that the Facebook value is in a bubble, and will pop in due time) , I find great possibilities for the API in terms of creating mashups. I’m doing all of this while learning PHP as well as some MySQL. Applications and coding may be one of the new parts of the Team Mayhem conduit. As for Team Mayhem, there are plans. ohoho yes, there are plans.