dj orta

skitch (yet another mac app)

Oh yeah, I’m talking about yet another mac app. I don’t know what it is, but i think the OS X system as a whole has generated so many small, yet great applications for people to use. I’m having fun just trying to figure out how to utilize all the small cool apps that are out there, but there is one in particular I must recommend to those using OS X 10.4- Skitch, especially those artistically inclined folks . Skitch is a simple sketching program. It doesn’t have all of the crazy details a full featured drawing programs has, but what it does makes it one of my must have mac apps. It’s quick to open, can capture images from your webcam or something on your desktop. then write, draw, type to your heart’s content. Best off, its free. Works rather well with Evernote, which i mentioned briefly before (handwriting recognition in Evernote is getting better and better now.) Here’s a good tutorial that explains a bit more of the site. I’m easily found at the site, and a couple of pictures of examples I’m working on, including my eyeOS install i have going (I’m probably going to blab about that later, but i won’t bore you with the details. Here’s a picture of the install:

webOSexample Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! (Thanks to M. Derenge of “Pointless” for the kickass wallpaper. I got it a while back from him, and at one point, it was my PS3 wallpaper in order to scare my family.) Guess this is another program that’ll be added to my ever so growing list of recommended apps.