dj orta

my lame spring break plans (neeerdy)

Friday officially started my spring break plans. Which is basically wayy too much. For one, is to actually get some work done coding. I’ve had a bunch of projects lying around that need to be coded, and i plan to have some work done on them before the week is done. A couple of them is actually going to appear in some form as a facebook app (although i don’t know if i want to publish them or not- i think i might have to wait a bit or have someone else take a look at the codebase before i do anything with it.). I’m also working on learning template protocols for different CMS and blog engines. I already know Joomla 1.0x like there was no tomorrow (I have a couple of skins under my belt for that, none of which i’ve published), but I want to learn more in focus, WordPress, Joomla 1.5, and Drupal. I do have plans for Cornstalker this week- I’m planning to upgrade the forums from the now antiquidated PHPBB2 to the newest version, PHPBB3. The whole transisition is something that i’m stressed to no end on doing, because the whole move can go wrong in so many ways that I REALLY don’t want to screw it up. That in combination with no ssh access as well as some inexperience on my end has me creating dummy PHPBB2 forums on my own domains and upgrading them in order to get the process down pat. Hopefully, I’ll have the real CG transfer done by the weekend- but that’s just tentative. But I do have some fun on the side- I have my PS3 back for a bit, so I’m playing Rock Band in anticipation of tomorrow and getting Still Alive on it, as well as playing some rental games and pre-ordering what i know will be my latest addiction- Grand Theft Auto 4. I beat GTA3, GTA:VC, and GTA:SA to almost &90+ completion. I love those games to death, and I think i may go into an almost rabid like state playing the latest installment.