dj orta


With the weekend has come a whole messload of things to do. For one, I did get a lot of the code i had intended to get through- the Cornstalker’s new forums theme has been mastered into its own original copy, and I’ve been starting the import from the old CSS files from the front page to the forums. With the negative response I’ve recieved from the new-ish design, I may go with a new layout, but the same color scheme I like. The code for the PHPBB Blog that i retooled for the layout throws up errors when trying to get the information from the PHPBB3 version of the forums, instead of the PHPBB2 version. I hoope that only a small amount of retooling has to be done instead of scrapping all that code I worked on and creating the cod myself. Again, it’s probably better for me to experiment a bit more before I come to any conclusions when it comes down to it. This is part of my plans to learn the PHPBB3 template base so that i can be able to create the templates for two or three forums i visit rather infrequently. Also playing around with Joomla 1.5 and running it through a variety of stress tests to see how it responds. So far, I’m really happy on its much easier to use backend as well as a variety of plugins that can help me deploy a concept i have of a multimedia site. However, the lack of current native plugin support has me a bit on edge to actually fully deploy a site with one of these plugins only to have it later abandoned for a newer release. Well, I think I may wait an extra month or two to let these kinks resolve out on their own before i move on to full scale testing and deployment of the multimedia site. I’m also playing around with WordPress. I’ve heard so many great things about it, I had to try it for my own. So far, the CMS looks to be pretty damn good, with a good plugin support. I’ve been thinking about using WP for my portfolio site so I can easily update it and add other widgets to the site with ease of use. By the looks of it, the WordPress engine is perfect for me to use for something like my porfolio site, which needs to be updated less than a regular full scale site. So add a gallery, a couple pages, and pull the blog like features out so it flows more like a porfolio site than a… well, a blog (even though there will be a blog on the site). My latest little toy is one called eyeOS, right now in version 1.5. It’s basically a webOS that can be easily deployed to a private server in order to run lightweight office programs and serve as image repositiory as i’m on the go. IT’s so far been able to work in a couple of different areas without heavy difficulty, bandwitdth aside- no background proccesses to speak of, exempt out of the small times it has to load a program up, like its lightweight word processor. It serves as a great repository for images and documents that I need to use on the go. My only gripe is the lack of a mass uploader on it. Other than that, everything is (as my sister says it) peachy keen.