In need of…

a laptop. yeah, i know it seems rather selfish and all to need a laptop, but i find myself thinking, “this would be a lot easier if i had a laptop”. i’ve found myself in use of the school computer labs often to send off an email or to… post on my LJ (har har! guess where i’m doing this!). But the school computer policy has a strict policy against running programs from flash drives, or else, i’d be running GIMP on these computers to do some layouts. I’ve been looking at a variety of laptops, wondering the loadouts and the programs i’d carry on them. my first instinct was to go mac, as i am primarily a mac guy. having the mac with a .mac account to sync my website design and documents across computers with be an amazing plus for me- edit a CSS file at a coffee shop, send it to .mac, and find it on my desktop when i go home. of course, macs are a bit much for me, and i don’t want to go through a payment plan on that- i’d rather do a payment plan on something different, like a video camera. The macbook Air would be nice, although underpowered for my purposes. then again, my best friend primo still uses the flat screen iMac for RAW editing- he just has a lot of patience. a regular macbook would probably be the best idea, and just carry around one of those portable hard drives powered by usb to get it running. next logical step is to think cheap- so i did. i took a look at the EeePC Asus provides. its simple, small, would do all the web based stuff i’d want it to do, and of course, AFFORDABLE. of course, this would be my first computer that i’d be running linux as its main operating system (i’ve used computers, Macs and PCs alike that would have a backup copy of linux running as a secondary OS) so it might have to be a learning experience for me. I barely use terminal in OS X right now, and to use something similar in linux would definitely be interesting. Or i could just wipe the hard drive and put a fresh copy of windows 2k/xp on it and run an OS i’m used to. but who knows, its I guess i’m just going to have to play around with my finances and see what i can come up with. more on this later. oh, and new LJ layout. i went to the ad-based version and cleaned up the sidebar a bit. i like the new layout.

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