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pride of the video game kind

I haven’t had my Playstation 3 over at my house for the longest of times now, and it’s only recently going to be placed into my room, as a small television is also going inside the already cramped room. I’ve kept it at my friend’s Primo’s house for a while now, leaving it in his care as a Rainbow Six: Las Vegas machine for him and his brother. Thinking about it, i feel an immense sort of pride. Not the fanboy type of pride, or else I’d be spending too much time trying to defend the system on some unknown site, which would be a complete and utter waste of time. My family hates video game systems. They find them too noisy, and i don’t try and play them much around them. They did get a kick out of playing the Wii, but that infatuation died pretty quickly. The only video game system that was bought for me was the Game Boy Pocket- it was a clear one, if i recall correctly. I lost it at Vons, a supermarket, after i forgot to take it with me after hopping out of the cart. I remember being devestated. Wanting another one, i saved up my money and bought the exact same model. I had pride, joy- i bought this all for myself, and i felt proud for doing so. This emotion held on as i bought the Game Boy Color, and the Game Boy Advance. I kept both the GBC and the GBA, not because I’m a pack-rat, but it’s a source of pride and memories for me. I had never had a console of my own- sure, I borrowed a neighbor’s nintendo 64 long term, but i had nothing of my own. Finally, after playing a friend’s Dreamcast, I wanted my own. Hell, my friend Primo and i used to walk around four miles as kids down to Sears, where there was a stand for playing Crazy Taxi 2. We would switch off playing the game, enjoying just the demo of it. I started to crush and collect cans, save my allowance, and whatever money I could scrounge. I was a smart kid, so i decided on a refurbished Dreamcast from Gamestop- it had a warranty, and it would do just fine. I saved enough money to get the system along with a memory card, and bought it on my own. I remember being so happy that when my mom asked what games I would play on it, i froze- i forgot to buy a game. She took pity on me and let me rent a game from Blockbuster- Shenmue. I bought the system late in it’s lifespan, but i didn’t care, i had my own console, dammit! And besides, there were plenty of games on the system to keep me occupied. I was enough of a Sonic fan that Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 (along with the subsequent purchase of Crazy Taxi 2) that made the system worthwhile. I did a similar thing with the Playstation 2. I bought it refurbished, and it lasted me a damn long while. When it finally died on me, I was incredibly sadded. I was able to convince a EB Games representative to return for store credit, at full cost- unbeknownst to them, the system didn’t even read disks anymore. I went a while without a system then, but I had a job that was playing awesome amounts, and I began thinking about another system- the Wii. I’ve detailed my Wii experience before (see previous posts) Now, the PS3. That was fun, as i had to walk a block after buying it, alone, trying to hide the fact that I had a giant PLAYSTATION 3 box cradled somewhat underneath my arm, wondering how I would be able to get past the various people i eyeballed and suspected to be theives (everything went according to plan- i still have my ps3.). I still have the same amount of pride as the first Game Boy Pocket I bought for myself. It’s not just a video game system for me, i suppose. it’s a sort of childish pride i still hold. I don’t know where i went with this. i just felt like writing it.

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