Well, I finally got down to it, and the Cornstalker website was released thirty minutes before it was officially supposed to. Everything’s gone off without a hitch, save for two bugs that were discovered after the launch – looks like there’s some CSS positioning troubles in Safari and maybe a preloading script issue (even though there is a preloading script in place, it’s not working properly, because there’s been a suggestion to put one IN). The blog is working fine, so I can finally put that Cornstalker project to rest and move on to new ones. Website design related, my next big site will be my own portfolio site. Each Team Mayhem member has their own subdomain for a portfolio-Primo already has his, and that’s working out just fine. I’m the next one due, as i need something to put my own personal shit on. It’ll act as my own mini hub connecting all of my accounts all over the place (deviantArt, this LJ, twitter, etc.) as well as to post my site design, and finally, a list of webcomics cameos i’ve had. I’ve been meaning to post all this time. All my cameos from the first Darken cameo to the Reckless Youth one (I’ve been fond of that one, i dunno why) to my Legostar Galactica appearance (as a 70’s lego, which again, was pure awesome). Roofing on my house starts tomorrow. Before I go to bed tonight, I’ll be moving my computer out of my room and into my living room ,as my part of the house… well, won’t have a roof at all, by the looks of it. My part of the house was added on later on, and as such, has no insulation… and a thin roof. This part of the roof will probably be torn off, and I’ll be out of a room and perhaps a computer for a while, unless i plug it in my living room, which actually sounds like a good idea to me. As for the blog title… well, it just came to me off the top of my head. Don’t mind me.

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