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The move…

Well, i’ve always been a fan of both Macs and PCs. I used Macs constantly at school, while running PCs at home. (I actually remember my first PC- it was 75mhz, with a whopping 2 gigs of space. Man, what a joke that is today). Finally, i have a computer of my own, and its a mac. And somehow, I have to get used to it all. As mush as i am used to fixing both macs and PCs, this finally turns out to be a learning curve for me. Figuring out the littlest things like how Finder organizes your files (Goddammit i want the folders on top, then everything else organized by kind! that’s how my PC did it!) and moving files back and forth between them (almost all of them work- i got rid of my wmv files anyways, they were no use. I can play them back, thankfully, without the horrible Windows Media Player for the Mac. (an oxymoron within itself.) So i can finally say that I’m basically situated on my new mac, save for a couple of files lying around here and there on my PC I have to fetch. No scanner or printer, which i actually started to miss, oddly enough. I’ll have to have the PC network to my mac to let me print shit while the rest of the family is on the PC. Went to the beach last weekend with plenty of friends. God, I actually remembered why i don’t like seeing myself without a shirt on. People run screaming in pure pain and torture.  These next two weeks I have planned out- writing, website design, and webcomic reviews. All the things I’ve been needing on doing, I shall do this upcoming week. Hopefully everything will go along smoothly. Oddly enough, I just realized something. I have a copy of Fearless, unwatched. Guess I know what my mac is doing now.

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  1. Pretty much I’ve been using my man since I got it, only switching back to the PC laptop for software that doesn’t run on the mac, which has surprisingly little. Mainly games, since the mini doesn’t have a good graphics processor. That’ll always be the downfall of the mac since EFI. It requires EFI firmware.

  2. I’ve always wanted a mac, and always needed one, as i find video/audio editing to be a horrendous mess on the PC (Adobe Premiere is basically a retarded version of Final Cut Pro, at least to me). I’ll still be using my PC for games (well, some games. Going to be moving to my PS3 relatively soon for most of my gaming)

    The lack of a decent graphics card does worry me a little bit, expecially with the “lower-end” macs, but honestly, if i wanted something heavy for graphics-heavy shit (ie video games), i’d be hitting the higher end macs. The new Octo-core macs still make me drool insanely.

  3. I am jealous of your mac.
    I am hoping to be able to afford a macbook by the end of fall… don’t really need another desktop, my PC does just fine. But the mac laptops make me cry with envy..

  4. Sure, I’ll be on a little bit.

    And you knew i liked macs! what’s the big deal? D:

  5. Wait until after october. The new macs will be pumped up with the newest version of the mac OS, and the screens are lit differently, making them brighter and last a couple hours more on battery life.

  6. well I work three to ten so you need to be on before or after then 😛 or I can just ask you here

    My mother in law wants to add some wireless ness to our wired network so she can get internet on her laptop. From what I’ve read and asked at work it seems all I need do is buy an access point and plug it into the wired router.

    Is this true?