dj orta

back from hawaii

Well, i took a vacation and didn’t tell anyone two or three days beforehand. yes, i am back from the wonderful trip in Hawaii, where i spent 7 days with family. It was fun, admittingly so, and just gave me an itching to get back home to work on projects. (I had ideas for scripts while floating in the pacific… mmm). Here’s one of the many pictures: that’s at a hindu monstary on the island of Kauai’i. I want to get all of my pictures up, but i think i’ll try to move most of my pictures to a flickr account. I’ve been using a yahoo account to play with its Yahoo Pipes program, so i guess i’ll pop the pictures up there soon enough. oh, and i got this in hawaii. OH YES. K-Dawg‘s told me to go and get Pokemon, which i might will… funny, i think i still have my original copy of the game somewhere around here…