updates. oh joy.

Sarcasm is with me. Everyone, rejoice! So yes, updates for everything I’m working by, ordered by project! Cornstalker Working currently on a new blog system that i found, called PHPBB Blog. the name is exactly what it means- it takes a forum, and displays it in a bloglike system (any posts after the initial first post are comments). The final version was released, with a bug or two. i’m working on making the output a bit more purdy than usual and getting it just right (small bugs here and there, which i can hopefully fix). I’m also working on a rough version of the site entirely in CSS, by scratch, which im extremely and utterly proud of. really, i am. Cornstalker Radio **Those who know about it, can know im writing a song or two and the scripts. Spring, hopefully? I gotta talk to the artists involved, and get my own shit together. **Team Mayhem.net **I scrapped the site. completely and utterly. i was using a template, which left a lot for me to desire. i’d rather build it by scratch, so i can be proud of the design and work away at making something completely and utterly cool. I’m still going by ‘s early mockup, but with a little twist to it. Joomla has helped every step of the way to make this perfect for its content. And yes, we’re getting new videos and such to throw on there. and OOH, new music from the awesomely cool Think Alike. There’s a music video planned for one of their songs, as well. **Webcomics Report **After a bit of a mixup, im back at work on the webcomics report, trying to get the site on something of a working status. Yes, its another site designed entirely in Joomla, but this time around, it’s going to be a little different from the usual Joomla shit i do, so bringing those features to work seamlessly with one another has been something of a struggle for me. Plus, i have all of my reviews written down by hand. I need to type them up and edit them. ETA… March, maybe? I hope so. I want to have something of a jump start before applying to my expos again as press. **Unnamed Comic Yes, this is the comic I’m serving as producer and assistant writer to. The artist and writer of Blue Eyed Devil is working on this one, but it’s had some setbacks, as one of the main stars have dropped out, so we’re looking for new comics. If you couldn’t tell, yes, this is a webcomic, and to where we’re hosting it on is still a mystery to us. I’m looking to all of our choices to where we can host it, so as soon as we have a good buffer, we’re launching SOMEWHERE. Yes, SOMEWHERE. I wish i could tell more, but all i can say is that it’s going to be fun, action wise. first big action sequence takes place in an elevator. with a sawed off shotgun. joy for violence. **Blue Eyed Devil **Yes, this comic is going to make a quick return. Gonna pick it up once we get the chance. **Zombie **The project has been greenlight by all of the other Team Mayhem Productions members. I’m writing the pilot and the second epsiodes, in mind for a 15 episode run. So yes, expect me to start blabbing on and on about working with zombies. I pray we can get sneek peeks and trailers done in spring.

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