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wii and ds, oh my.

So, an interesting adventure this weekend revolving around the Nintendo DS and Wii. I’ve been really tempted to get a DS for a very, very long time. Friends such as , , and  have ranted and raved on how great different games are, so i started looking for one. AND I COULDN’T FIND ONE. And here’s the worst thing, i picked up Phoenix Wright (the sequel), and i don’t have a DS. so it sits unused. Oh forgive me, amusing lawyers! So then, this past Saturday, i got news that Circuit City was going to receive a shipment of Wiis. As an almost spur of the moment idea, i convinced my best friend Primo to wake up early with me the next day (being 11:30 PM at the time). So we did. We stood in the middle of the line from 7:30 to 9:30, when they started handing out vouchers for the Wiis. They stopped 3 people ahead of me and yelled out “SORRY! NO MORE WIIs!” My heart stopped. I looked at my friend Primo, who looked like he was going to kill me and use my entrails to floss his teeth. I was about to turn away when the manager rushed out of the store and said, “wait no! We have 26 Wiis! not 22!” Little cherubs came down from the sky. I was number 25 out of 26. I couldn’t turn around to watch the other people leaving in dismay. I walked into that damn place, and walked out with a Wii and Legend of Zelda. Now I have Phoenix Wright, a Wii, and Zelda. now to get monys for a DS.


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  1. I got this strange obsession to get a DS earlier this week too.. and none to be had… in my town either. maybe I’ll get one soon.

  2. oh yeah. i went to 2 gamestops, 2 targets, sears, best buy, and NOTHING