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dribble dribble drop drop…

So yeah, school, whoo. Its been two weeks now, going into my third week, and I’m getting into the swing of things. Classes are pretty good, I’m taking my General Education (GE’s) right now, but I’m hoping to get enough of them out of the way so that I’m able to take some more fun classes. Fencing and Film making have interested me. As my webcomic review site, well, it’s kind of on hold as i still can’t figure out the name for it. My good friend Claude () keeps suggesting Codpiece, but I don’t want to have people thinking of fish every single time they read my site. So unless I get a flash of inspiration for a name, the site is on hold until I can figure out the name. Launch will be held back till… November? Yeah, that sounds plausible. is currently being renovated. I’m removing the forums and fixing the colors on the tagboard, as well as putting up other films on it a little better. We have films on Youtube and Google Video, so I just need to round them all up and get them linked to the site properly. Cornstalker work is getting to be a little hectic, as there have been some bugs with the site itself as well as the box the comics link to each other, the “Cornbox”. I’m happy to be in a place where I have so many friends and awesome comics to read it. If you didn’t know yet, Komiyan started a new version of The Lazy Grind, aptly named Lazy Grind 2.0. It’s awesome, simply put because Joshua Sortelli () is back with Elf Only Inn, and I’m psyched to see it return. If you haven’t read the comic, do so now. It’s a classic.


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  1. Hate to break it to ya, but people aren’t going to exactly be thinking about fish if your site is named “Codpiece”.