musings of the mayhem kind

Well, I finally got a job, something I’ve been trying to get for the last… two months? Man, it really has been two months looking for a bloody job. I’m working at my old high school, as a computer technician. It’s an okay job, and it looks like I might get my own little office to work on computers, even though that room is overflowing with fruity iMacs and printers with no damn drivers (gotta find those soon…). I’m kinda worried about the job, because I’m not getting paid until the paperwork goes through. The people at the district said its gonna take two to three months. … So what, I’m networking printers for nothing? I might as well work at that hotel, at least i get some good benefits there (go to Comic Con next year with a cheap hotel room!). I need a car, badly, and if this job doesn’t pay, screw it. My boss, my former principal is off on vacation, so I guess I’ll wait until he gets back before I make a decision if I’m going to be working for the school. It looks like I’m putting off anything Team Mayhem related due to another one of my commitments will have a big ass unveiling come september 1, so i’ve been working like a madman trying to get it together for the unveiling. So yeah, September 1. I’ve dropped off hints with a couple of people, and a bunch of them are helping out with the projects to make sure they come through. Mentally, I’m not all there. It’s been kinda hard, considering I keep thinking about an old girlfriend, how damn crazy she was, and I miss talking to her. All those damn crushes I’ve had haven’t helped. Expecially the one that just treated me like complete shit, yet i was gaga for her. God, I feel stupid. I made the decision that I just don’t want to have someone by my side- its gonna get in the way of my career. I may get lonely, but at least i can focus on a life better than this. But its leveling out, and I’ve found a couple new friends that have helped me with my future goals in webcomics. Yeah, webcomics. The stuff I haven’t reviewed in the longest. Someone asked me why I review. Why I go through the pain of actually looking at a bad furry transgendered comic. Why I go through the critisms and the nasty emails (yeah, I’ve gotten nasty emails. I wish I could say who they were from, but that would be pretty damn petty of me). I kinda came to the realization only a couple of days ago. For the love. I love webcomics. How strange they can get, how people can bring about ideas that you really can’t see anywhere else. The love they put into their work. I think I came to the realization at the Blank Label Panel at Comic Con. Brad Guigar (creator of the fun Evil Inc.) commented on how his family calls the webcomics “his therapy.” He spoke with such… passion, such charisma about his work that I was in awe, and it totally got my mind off that horrible kiss David Willis had with that puppet earlier. Its when you see that love in their comics that I revere. I love reviewing comics, and getting a positive email. Or reply. Yeah, it happens rarely, but when I review a comic, and its worth reading, there’s nothing like getting an email from the creator saying thanks. On the topic, there will be a review coming, hopefully by friday. I don’t know if I can do it considering that my other projects are driving me completely and utterly nuts. But yeah, there’s a comic I’ve read about four times, and I might read it two more times before I start writing the review. The other projects make me completely nervous. Utterly and completely nervous. I don’t know if it’ll be the right way to go. I mean, I’ve done reviews for two years, and this might be a complete change for me. I don’t know if im gonna regret the projects im doing… and now everyone reading has no clue what im talking about. Heh, I guess I’m saving that for a good surprise. VERY good surprise. So yeah, secret projects by their codenames- “Kernel” “CS” “CC” “Revue” “RevueAudio” hrm yeah, its a lot of shit. what fun. I wonder if i should get back to work…

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  1. Let me know if you need anything Korsil can provide. If you’re planning a new review site or something of the sort, it might be worthwhile for me to consider an outright change in management or just give you the existing reviews.

  2. I’d rather not talk about what exactly im planning, but we do need to talk. I have a sketch from Dan Shive with your name on it.

  3. Eee!
    I can’t believe you did… oh em gee. you are the greatest man! definitely get in touch on im soon.

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