dj orta

packing up…

yeah, i’m gonna be gone until Monday. going to comic con tomorrow. Catching the amtrak down there. everything’s packed. I’m just anxious among other feelings, considering this is the first trip I’m taking alone. I’ve had people tell me that you shouldn’t worry, but hell, I’m not. Just thinking about the con just has me getting excited as hell. I CANNOT WAIT. But the thing is…. I don’t know what I’m exactly going to do yet. Don’t know what panels I’m going to, other than the one with the Afro Samurai screening. I need to find all the webcomic panels and go to them. And yes, I will write a report. See ya!

One response to “packing up…”

  1. damn man, I wish I could make it down for that…
    I hope it’s a great time. I wish I could make it, if just to meet some of the hard-to-find types like Dan Shive of EGS.
    Hell, if you happen to get him to make a sketch or something, I swear I’ll pay for mail to here.