20 webcomic reviews update #2

1. Of – Reading 2. Flat Life – rereading 3. Star Crossed destiny – Rereading 4. Veronica Furious – Rereading 5. Punks and Losers – Rereading 6. Loserz – 50% done 7. Stuff Sucks – 20% 8. MSF High – 75% done 9. Home on the Strange – still reading 10. No need for Bushido – rereading 11. Abstract Gender – 50% 12. Oriyan – rereading 13. Girls with Slingshots – rereading 14. Zap! – started 15. Striptease – Rereading 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Coming along nicely. Still need more. I’ve been asked by multiple webcomic artists to do a ComicGenesis webcomic review, but I’m avoiding that for now. Ban on CG reviews will hold out indefinitely. Honestly, I hate anyone who tries to point out that I’m biased towards comicgenesis. It’s been a problem for me for a while now, and to tell the truth, I’m not going to put up with those that moan and bitch about my reviews without the proper evidence anymore. 20

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  1. I found your website earlier today and just wanted to say, Thank YOU!. I read alot of webcomics, and am always looking for more. Usually I just use webcomic lists like TWC, but this is a great service because I can get an idea of what the webcomic is like before I start reading.

    I’m looking forward to your current list of webcomics as I read a few of them.. and and unfamiliar with a few of them.

    I have an iffy suggestion for an excellent webcomic. The Talismen series. It is among my favorites. It has two series in a way, Exile and Knightmare Knife. The Knightmare Knife series is meant to be in book form though, so the art currently up is just a teaser. The Exile series has just finished it’s first volume, an epilogue to that volume is coming out in a week or two then it is moving on to Volume two and three.

    I say iffy because, while the main website is at spiderforest (http://talismen.spiderforest.com/) it does have mirror sites at Drunk Duck and Comicgenesis. I think you mentioned something about a ban on Comicgenesis. But as said, it’s really only a mirror site. It started out there and Drunk Duck and moved away.

    Thought I’d be honest with the suggestion. I’m not the artist or the writer (That’d be Barb and Steve) just a overzealous fan.


  2. wow, im truly honored when I get stuff like this. I’ve been doing this for two years and I still haven’t gotten much full publicity in the scope of the webcomics world.

    Talismen, eh? Well, if it’s primarily based at spiderforest, I’d be happy to review it. I think I was starting to read the comic back when it was on… lycos, i think? it was one of those free webhosting sites that drive me nuts.

    anyways, fans are good. very good.

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