I got mentioned for a podcast….

And it wasn’t even for a review. It was a small mention for another project of mine on nothing else other than the Gigcast. Listen to it now, the mention occurs at about 4:17 Basically, I took a break from webcomic reviews to write this serial story for the ComicGenesis forums. This story is none other than Desperate Keenwives, an alternate take on the popular show Desperate Housewives. It was an idea I threw out on the ComicGenesis IRC room, and tossed it about as a possibility for a Jam. However, I threw it about and finally decided upon writing the serial story with the members of the forums as the characters. Many different elements were based off the original show, but its grown completely away from its roots. Plus, it’s a bit raunchier, considering the people involved. ComicGenesis and its forums has a deep lore thanks to its numerous jams and the people involved, so its pretty fun to pull out elements from DH and CG and combine one bastard child. Reading the story is pretty easy- you can either read the story on the ComicGenesis Wiki, or go through its thread in the forums. Season 1: Read it on the forums or on the Comic Genesis Wiki Season 2: Read it on the forums or on the Comic Genesis Wiki So read and enjoy. A fully edited version will appear as a book later this year!

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