Things I hate about webcomics

Okay, I’ve had plenty of things I hate about webcomics. Things that bother the crap out of me to no end, and they come up time and time again in webcomics, and truthfully, it gets to be a pain to look at. This may not reflect the rest of the crew, as it is my own views. I won’t use any actual comics as examples, as not to insult anyone. 1. “OMG, Let’s start a comic!” This is one many smaller comics are guilty of. You know the drill, two of the characters talking to each other on the first page of the comic, saying, “Let’s start a webcomic!” and the other replying in “Okay!”. This happens way too much. Come on, can’t you use a much easier character introduction than this old bag? Try something new. Anything, really, just keep away from this. And please, please don’t try to make fun of this for your first strip. People have to get used to your comedy, and it’ll bascially become the same thing you were attempting to rip off. 2. “Look! It’s Piro-sama!” Don’t, don’t cameo famous characters. We get it, they’re popular. Don’t . At the same time, don’t do your own take of Piro’s infamous “sad girl in the snow” unless it was a bukkake scene. Somehow, I’m guessing somebody did a take on that already. 3. “Read right to left” What exactly does it accomplish if you flip your comic from right to left, exactly? Does this make you “genuine” to make people read in the traditional manga style? Please. It’s just another bother for people to use. I have yet to see a good comic actually attempt to use the flipped style effectively. It basically becomes a cheap flip in photoshop instead of an interesting experiment of different styles. 4. “Page 1-2-3-4” Okay, one of my little annoyances, I know, but when a comic doesn’t have a button for the next comic or the previous comic, it gets to be a bug in your ass to navigate these pages. 5. “I love , I’m going to make a comic out of it!” You know the idea. Somebody loves a well known cultural object with a respective fanbase, and attempts to make a webcomic out of it. Yeah, there are those that have pulled off the concept at least halfway decently or amazingly well, but every other comic has attempted to do so has failed, as they try to use the same exact characters from the universe, but either making fun of the storyline already built or simply idolize the universe/object over and over again I’ll probably make more of these another time.

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  1. YAY! I hate all those things too. 🙂 honestly though alot of the comics I’ve looked at lately turn me off within the first few pages. Another thing I detest: convuluted storylines, especially ones that throw you into them imediately and leave you going “huh…WHAT?!” for the first few chapters, if you can even getme to read past the first 10 pages. :rolls eyes: `3`

  2. While I don’t think I’ve done any of those yet (unless you want to count the cameos of people I’m friends with) I’m sure there’s something about my comic people will find to hate. I actually had to look up what Piro’s “sad girl in the snow” was. The only “sad girl in the snow” in a comic I’m familiar with is from Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise which was around before Piro –

    Though now I may have to do a “sad pixie in the snow” just to tick you off. *evil grin*

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