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Current Webcomic faves

Yeah, I love to read webcomics. But every so often, there are comics that I just adore. Some do become a flavor of the week to me, but there are those comics that I find myself recommending. So I compiled a short list of comics that I’m enjoying right now.

  • Questionable Contentqcjeph‘s indie rock drama/comedy still rawks my socks. Call me a sucker, but the writing is superb and he’s getting better and better with his art. I want a pintsize t-shirt, dammit.
  • Darken – I don’t like to place favorites on only certain genres, so I like to have my tastes to be spread out across like jelly. And to tell the truth, Darken really does fit a great anti-hero tale set in a fantasy world. And honestly, I can’t find any other place that I can enjoy.
  • NetherOak – GODDAMN. I keep recommending this comic to all those that ask me, but nobody seems to catch on to how much I love this comic. Seriously, reddeadrazi‘s anime-inspired story about asian gangs in Toronto and a new drug really does evolve in terms of art, and the slow transformation is AWESOME. It’s right now at the ending, and I find myself checking the site every day in order to see another page of the action packed finale (the comic is part of the Hot Bullet Press comics collective, which is an awesome collection of action packed comics.). Read it. I’ll probably say it multiple times here, but READ IT.
  • Renaissance Ogre – It’s only five pages. I know. But I’m a huge Elf Only Inn fan, and seeing Sortelli at it again with a webcomic makes me a happy little fan. The comic is only available on his livejournal, so go and read it now. There aren’t many pages anyways, so there isn’t any reason why you should ignore the comic. Plus, it has an Aussie ogre. And he’s an accountant. What can’t you love about that combo?
  • Gloomy Nancy – Found this through Razi Oak (reddeadrazi), and I can’t help but read the comic for the Canadian humor and snappy dialouge that occurs. Plus, the line “Holy Crap! You were a little asian princess!” totally won me.

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