dj orta

Two Cameos!

Man, I almost forgot about this, actually. I got two cameos in some of my friend’s comics. Yeah, I love to see myself in different comics, and these two are GREAT. I’m a sucker for cameos, what can i say? Cortland gave me a cameo based on the whole ComicGenesis flamewar stuff. He asked me about doing this one before hand, and I still cracked up to see Kon (which people recognize me as on the ComicGenesis forums) with my hair. Another one is from ryclaude and his comic, Reckless Youth. Claude put me in as a goth zombie that gets clocked by a floorbuffer. Its a small one, but i still love it.

I need to make a list of all the places I’ve appeared in, its crazy how many times I’ve appeared as either myself or as Kon.