dj orta

scar-san gets fixed

So today, I had to fix my palm pilot. I use that thing heavily, so I found my mom’s old one (with its screen broken.) and attempted to fix it.

my desk, douche this was the scene of my desk a couple days ago as i was trying to fix my handspring visor platinum, scar-san. it was getting to be a bitch to attempt to fix it. let’s just say that the poor thing was working so horribly that i thought that licking it was going to help. And i have electrecuted myself on it so much that i lost any feeling in my tip of my tounge (it’s back now, after three days) So I realized that the part that was malfunctioning was the power supply/button system (its the square thing on the desk). It was easy to replace if you know the inside of a computer. Man, this thing is getting better. I’ll try writing a couple more reviews now.