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Life marching on

So yeah, its been a while for me to get recovered from the ComicGenesis fiasco. And as a result, I haven’t done any reviews as of late. There’s a Loserz review I did, but hey, that hasn’t been touched. I need to fix it, for one. It’s so damn shitty I want to just start over, but that’s going to take me a while. I just don’t have the energy of it, and it’s pissing me off. CG used to be a big leg of support and hits for me, and now that I’m not touching that community, I have to tap others. And I really don’t have the time to become a part of other big communties- I think I have a keenspot forum account, and I might have an site. So yeah, its going partly to become a rush to befriend artists rather than the audience, because there’s an established audience already at those comics that would read my review for their comic, then browse through all of my reviews. My poor Palm Pilot, Scar-San (the name came from Fullmetal Alchemist after a suggestion from the artist of Gunmetal Annie, Mercury Hat) the suggestion of , is going to shit. It’s an old Handspring Visor Platinum which now has connection troubles to the computer due to the connection plates on the bottom wearing off. I might get another one and scrap it. I’ve opened Scar-san before, and its easy to replace individual parts (ie, the screen or the 93 Mhz chip with its motherboard.) I’ve gotten a job. It’s a small job, but something to pay for car insurance. I’m working in a small snack shop at a nearby baseball field. Sweet job, I get free food! Purgatory is still being worked on- I was working on my model, but realized I need to take off my glasses. The glasses in the Sims 2 is rather lacking, and that sucks.

4 responses to “Life marching on”

  1. wow, so the whole flame with the TC review has made you, leave the community? Or am I reading this wrong? That really sucks, if its so, as your as part of the community as any of us CG webcomic artist/creators/etc. It’d be sad if someone one who can’t take a critique completly chases you from the community.

    However I would also say if you can’t take rebutal, as well as people criticing your reviews you’d have to be in the same boat. So what if people think you are biased, seeing your reviews I’d say that is not the case, more times than not, you seem more harsh towards people you know. Which I assume is a challenge on your part to say “I’m not playing favorites”

    Though if your looking for comics to review you could always hit the big list sites. I don’t know about advertising and what not, but perhaps plugging your site as a whole instead of individual reviews might be a way to go.

    well what ever happens I wish you luck, and I have you my on my friends list so I’ll be reading along as to what happens.

  2. yeah, I’m not leaving the community. I’m having too much fun writing the Desperate Keenwives series, so I’m there for good. It’s just that I’m starting to find the Korsil site in a rather sad state of affairs, as I have no control over the FTP and the forums, which have been hacked and I can’t do anything about it. Eh, I might countinue doing reviews, but as of right now, I have no movitvation to do so.

  3. it’s been wandering around in my head, yeah. I have my own site ( so I was planning on buying a new domain and finding some php stuff to make the posting of the reviews much easier.