When a CD goes the Hoffa way.

Yeah, I was beginning to work on Purgatory. It was going to be interesting, really. I’ve gotten to build only Laurel and Death so far, and I needed the CD to prepare the houses that I want to build. So I look for the CD for The Sims 2 Nightlife, and whoopty doo, its gone the way of the dodo bird. I can’t find it anywhere. Friggin great. So now, I’m installing Daemon tools to mount fake CD images to get it to run. Might let the game run faster, considering that it won’t have to load from a CD every time I go into build mode (the site GameBurnWorld.com helps tremendously. Recommended for any serious gamer.). So now, Taylor finally saw the script. He was laughing over and over again as I acted out certain scenes for him while driving to burbank (to pick some stuff up for his band- Think Alike. I’m posting new songs of theirs on Teammayhem.net REALLY soon.) and instilled in me once again the joy of writing comedy. Been moody as of late. Dunno why. oh well. time to get back to work. That’s probably where I’m happiest, really.

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